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"Once a teacher, always a teacher..."

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cc A former kindergarten teacher, Christine had been a stay-at-home mom raising three children when she became interested in physical fitness. Like so many women, after the birth of her children, she began to work out. When she started to get more serious, she began personal training. Her experience ignited a desire to learn more about health and wellness.

Studio Strength

It was at the suggestion of her personal trainer at the time, Juan Mayoral who now co-owns Studio Strength, that she pursued certification.

"She was my best student," said Mayoral. "I really saw something in her that she didn't see herself, I thought she had tremendous potential."

Once she started with cardio and progressed to weight training, she wanted to learn more about how exercise impacts the body. Christine earned Personal Trainer Certification from the National Strength Conditioning Association (NSCA). As the worldwide authority on strength and conditioning, the NSCA supports and disseminates research-based knowledge to improve athletic performance and fitness.

When she became interested in working outside the home, Christine became a personal trainer at the former Gold's Gym where she began to build her client base. With a personal interest in the needs of women, Christine draws from her own experience as a trainer and her success with weight training. She has seen for herself how weight training increases muscle strength, speeds metabolism, improves health, aids weight control, increases bone density and protects against injuries.

For the last 13 years she has been committed to her craft and her clients range from teenagers to seniors. Coming from a large gym, Christine's vision for Studio Strength is to offer a smaller, boutique atmosphere where the personal needs of every client is met.

Parlaying what was once a hobby into a career has been extremely gratifying. She falls back on her teaching background every day to promote health and wellness.

What Clients Say...

"I started working out at Studio Strength after trying other personal training programs...I've continued because Christine listens to what I want to accomplish. I'm now stronger and more fit due in no small part to Christine's encouragement." - Kathy Z., Client

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