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Signing On the Dotted Line"Personal training trumps my so called lame attempt to get fit..."

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I'll admit I was a little sore but I'm gloating a little because it doesn't seem that bad. I still feel like a fish out of water but Christine's guidance is comforting. Today I started with leg presses and shoulder presses. I started out with five pounds, so I'm living proof that weaklings are allowed to try!

A highlight of today were the lat pulldowns performed on of course the lat pulldown machine. I'll admit I thought I was going remain suspended in air and that something was going to go tumbling down. I got the hang of it...literally. I have to say personal training is really starting to trump my so called lame attempt to get fit. I wouldn't go near a machine like this at the gym. It just looks too darn scary. Most gyms place these type of machines in a wide open area which can be intimidating. Plus, I try to maintain a modicum of decorum and the idea of remaining suspended in mid-air and having to call for help...well you get the idea.

I was also introduced to the hyperextension which works your glutes and hamstrings. At first, I thought it would work my head when I landed on it! A hyperextension is also know as a "superman" but I'll opt for "superwoman."

Stay tuned for more updates regarding my quest to build muscle mass!

What Clients Say...

"I started working out at Studio Strength after trying other personal training programs...I've continued because Christine listens to what I want to accomplish. I'm now stronger and more fit due in no small part to Christine's encouragement." - Kathy Z., Client

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