You Are What You Eat

Diet and exercise are a pair you don't want to separate

Juan MayoralClients often joke with me about their weight, especially if the number hasn't moved or has increased because they know that working out on its own without watching their diet will not do the trick.

Studio Strength

How do they know this? I've told them. After 20 years in this business, I know I can design an optimal fitness program where clients can build muscle, lose fat and inches -but not if you're seeing McDonald's on the side.

I recommend following a diet of lean protein, fruit, vegetable and good carbs. We all cheat, it's a fact of life. Life is full of celebrations that revolve around food. The holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, parties - moderation is the key.

I've seen success and failure and the difference is consistency. These clients show up and don't give up. I'm not saying they don't complain but they give it their all and they are willing to change in and outside of the gym.

I've worked with a 56-year-old male who not only led a very sedentary life, he never met a vegetable he liked. He now eats a variety of steamed vegetables every day. That's a commitment to change. He broke a 56 year habit and shows up at the gym at 4:30 in the morning to exercise and at home he's eating right.

Why is there so much turnover at gyms? I would say it is lack of realistic expectations. Working out is important but what you do after the gym is equally significant.

What Clients Say...

"Since I've started working out at Studio Strength, I've seen great changes in my body. I'm toned and stronger than I ever was." -Kelly Stadelmann, Client

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