Are You A Skinny Fat?

Women need to work smarter in the gym.

Christine CoteWe see many clients who were lucky in the gene department and sailed through their 20s without exercise. A decade later and perhaps a couple of kids many of these clients mostly female hit the gym with a focus on cardio and yo-yo dieting.

Studio Strength

Cardio which works your heart is an integral part of a fitness program and can be effective in fighting fat. Yet, this combination has its limits and this focus leaves out a key method of fat burning - your muscles.

Many women consider building muscles men's work. Weight training will not turn you into a female Popeye! Fat is what bulks you up, weight training will tone you.

Muscle strength is important for both sexes. Your muscles atrophy as you age. Studies have proven that weight training can increase muscle strength, speed up your metabolism, enhance your overall health, protect against injuries, improve bone density and help you lose pounds.

In fact studies have proven that weight training can boost your metabolism up to 15 percent.

I like to share my own personal experience with my clients. I was scrawny before I started weight training. Weight training has made me stronger, leaner and toned.

What Clients Say...

"It's a great place to work out. Juan and Christine really relate to their clients. Juan stays true to the basics while still incorporating cutting edge concepts. The space offer exactly what I need. The location is perfect, there's convenient parking and I feel very comfortable there."
- Janet O'Leary, Client

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