Debunking Strength Training's #1 Women's Fitness Myth

Juan MayoralWeight Training will not turn you into a muscle pinup girl!

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The fitness industry is filled with burgeoning trends, new diets and trendy exercise regimens; it's a big business resulting in a lot of misinformation. These flash headlines may sell magazines but they are doing a disservice for women.

Weight training will not bulk you up. Women don't have the hormones to build large oversized muscles; even men have a hard time achieving those results. Here are the facts. The key difference between a "lean and toned" and a "bulky" physique is the amount of body fat surrounding the muscles. When muscle is developed through training women achieved a toned look and most women lose inches.

Bulking up is based on calorie consumption not weight training. Not only are these fears based on fiction, most women are not building enough muscle mass through their fitness efforts and are setting themselves up for an increased risk of osteoporosis as they age. The aging process also results in a loss of about 2-5% muscle mass per year, which adversely affects metabolism.

Lose the light weights for high reps!

This is the granddaddy of all training myths! Performing light resistance training for high reps will have minimal impact on your body. The aerobics, yoga and Pilate's community seem to be the leaders of this trend. To achieve results, you need to challenge yourself with moderately heavy weights in the 6 to 15 rep range. Insignificant resistance for a countless number of reps will do little to impact your appearance.

Heavy weights will not make you larger. Challenging yourself by using heavier weights benefits both men and women. Gaining muscle will help you lose fat for a more toned look and will increase your metabolism helping you burn extra calories throughout the day.

What Clients Say...

"I started working out at Studio Strength after trying other personal training programs...I've continued because Christine listens to what I want to accomplish. I'm now stronger and more fit due in no small part to Christine's encouragement." - Kathy Z., Client

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