Behavioral Weight Loss

Our 25 years of experience at Studio Strength have shown us that programs that focus on diet and exercise are the most effective ways to lose weight, but not necessarily keep it off long term. There is an often overlooked component that is critical to maintain the weight loss that you worked so hard to achieveóbehavior.

Behavior strategies including; self-monitoring, physical activity, support groups and realistic goals are the way to live your best life. Everyone knows someone who lost weight, but then sadly gained it all back. Thatís because the dieter hasnít changed the habits that caused the problem in the first place. Our goal is to help you change your habits and relationship with food.

Anyone can follow a calorie restricted diet for a finite period of timeóbut when you deprive yourself of foods you love you are setting yourself up for failure. Letís work together to learn how you can eat the foods you love and still love the numbers on the scale.

What the Behavioral Weight Loss Program is:

What it isnít:

Who can benefit from the program?

Anyone that has yo-yo dieted and cannot figure why they are not successful with weight loss.

Anyone who wants to learn skills that will lead to lifelong weight loss success!

How to Start:

If you want to become serious about your health and learn skills that will lead to lifelong weight loss success - please reach out to us today.
Group meeting and private sessions Starting September 2017

What Clients Say...

"Studio Strength has allowed me to focus on my challenges, achieve my goals and stay motivated...with elements of enjoyment and fun." - Teresa Aprigliano, Client

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